Alarm helps business owner find suspect hiding in ceiling

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

STEPHENVILLE, Texas—Cowboy Tobacco Company owner Jimmy Jackson had a feeling something was amiss when his alarm company called to say his shop alarm was going off, but he wasn’t immediately aware of just how amiss.

Police came and saw nothing and Jackson apologized, thinking his alarm system had accidentally activated. But as he was closing up the store, Jackson noticed that one of the ceiling tiles looked out of place, according to a news report from Jackson made a second call to police.

As it turned out, the alarm had not been false. An officer dispatched to the scene climbed a ladder, found an intruder hiding in the ceiling, and told him to climb down.

The intruder, Daniel Ray Raybourn, was found in possession of burglary tools and arrested at the scene, according to the report.