Honeywell releases LYNX Touch 5200

Monday, June 9, 2014

MELVILLE, N.Y.—Honeywell on June 9 introduced a new all-in-one LYNX Touch 5200, which it says will allow “dealers to offer an enhanced user experience while reducing costs.”

Consumers can now view live, IP video on-demand directly on the panel’s 4.7-inch vivid color touchscreen. In addition to two-way voice over GSM, LYNX Touch 5200 offers two-way voice over Wi-Fi—which it says is an industry first that streamlines the installation process, saves money and time and provides greater options for connectivity.
“Incorporating video right on the touchscreen helps dealers elevate their connected home offering and provide an unrivaled user experience—right out of the box,” said Robert Puric, marketing director, Honeywell Security Products Americas. “By delivering integrated, economical, on-demand video—along with innovations like two-way voice over Wi-Fi—LYNX Touch 5200 truly takes the all-in-one system to the next level.”

The unit supports single-camera viewing when used with Honeywell Total Connect Video products: the iPCAM-PT, iPCAM-WO, iPCAM-WI2/B and ACU. With the exclusive Honeywell LYNX Connect app, users can also view live video feeds and control their systems from an iOS or Android device anywhere on premises, even without a Honeywell Total Connect account.

A new sunrise/sunset feature can be easily programmed to trigger scenes such as lights turning on and off on a seasonal basis. For an added level of security, Z-Wave lights can be randomized for an occupied appearance when a home or small business is empty. Additionally, the Night Stay Arming Mode arms preselected interior sensors—such as in a basement or on the main floor—while letting end users move about freely in areas like hallways or upper floors. Support for Z-Wave flood sensors has also been added, potentially reducing costly structural damages by shutting down a building’s main water line when water is detected.

Remote-upgradeable software eliminates the need for installers to schedule on-site visits, and intuitive default settings reduce set-up and customization time.