Silent Knight releases wire-to-fiber converter

Friday, December 6, 2013

NORTHFORD, Conn.—Silent Knight by Honeywell has released the new SK-F485 Wire to Fiber Converter, which allows new and existing Silent Knight systems to increase the length of wire run between fire alarm control panels and power supplies, boosting surge protection, the company announced recently.

The wire-to-fiber converter is the first to be UL listed for a non-proprietary line of fire alarm systems and is being sold over the counter at Security Equipment Wholesalers, according to the release.

A fire alarm system run on copper wire underground between buildings is incredibly susceptible to lightning damage due to earth ground differentials, the release said. The new fiber converter allows one Intelliknight addressable fire alarm control panel from Silent Knight to be extended over fiber-optic cable to protect multiple buildings while severely limiting the risk of damages from electrical surges, according to the release.

Covering longer distances over fiber-optic cable makes Silent Knight’s systems more economical and reliable for larger spaces and multibuilding projects, the company said. The systems are adaptable so users can tailor them to the needs of each facility, according to the release.

“We’ve always been unique with ‘distributed intelligence’ built into power supplies and other s-bus devices to allow you to place them where needed, as opposed to home-running wire all the way back to the main control,” said Loren Schreiber, Silent Knight product marketing manager, in a prepared statement.