University launches sprinkler ed campaign after student floods dorm

Thursday, August 29, 2013

NEWPORT, Ky.—College student Rick Seal needed a place to hang his shirt. He opted for the closest fire sprinkler head. But when he tapped the sprinkler with his clothes hanger, the system activated, gushing water and soaking sleeping students in Seal’s Northern Kentucky University dormitory.

To help prevent a repeat of the Aug. 20 incident, the university has hung posters around dormitories to help educate students and remind them to leave sprinklers and smoke detectors alone.

Northern Kentucky University has not yet calculated the cost of the water damage, but says it could have been worse, according to the university newspaper, The Northerner. Arnie Slaughter, university housing director, told the paper a quick response from university staff, contractors and the students, who rolled up towels and floor mats to put in front of their doors, minimized damage.