Webcast to look at impact of IoT on security industry

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

SILVER SPRING, Md.— On May 20, SIA and Security Systems News are hosting a webcast about how the security industry can leverage the Internet of Things to drive better innovation, intelligence and value as technology becomes more mobile and social.

By 2020, studies forecast the world will have more than 38.5 billion connected devices, generating revenue between $11 and $14 trillion by 2025. The greatest challenge today is how to integrate and connect the vast array of IoT devices into a common operating platform that allows for optimal use and synergies system-wide, according to SIA.

The free webcast will feature David Antar, president and CEO of webcast sponsor IPVideo Corp., and will look at how IoT is bringing separate silos of systems together in unprecedented ways, as well as examples of non-security IoT products that can bring added value to the security space. The webcast will also look at the best ways to simplify, manage and correlate data from IoT devices, what optimal inter-device communication can achieve, and why security management platforms are the logical hub for integrating a diverse range of non-security IoT devices.