Winnipeg company donates personal alarms to homeless in wake of killings

Thursday, May 7, 2015

WINNEPEG, Manitoba—National Industrial Communications, a security firm based here, is donating "personal alarms" to the homeless after the recent killings of three men on the city’s streets, according to a report from the Winnipeg Free Press.

The company, which specializes in designing and implementing IP communication and security systems for a number of verticals, including healthcare, education, government and commercial enterprises, will give 100 personal alarm devices to organizations that serve the homeless, the report said.

When the alarm pin is removed, a 130-decibel noise and flashing light are triggered.

"We're not a big business, but we're going to give back to our community and donate some of these alarms. It could help or deter robberies or murder like what happened, because it is a very loud noise. …It makes the community realize’ there’s a loud noise,’ and wonder, ‘well, what’s going on,’ " Donna Rossol, company vice president, said in the news report.

Local police have arrested a suspect in the slayings.