‘We live and breathe to work the channel’

Peter Botelho, EVP/GM, Speco Technologies
Sunday, June 1, 2008

AMITYVILLE, N.Y.--In its recently released “Security Camera Tracker” report, Santa Clara Consulting pegged Speco Technologies’ share of the American camera market at 6.66 percent, fifth largest, ahead of such security industry heavyweights as GE Security and Bosch.

That may come as a surprise to you, but for Peter Botelho, who’s just been promoted to executive vice president and general manager of Speco, after four years as VP of marketing, it’s just another message he’s trying to get out there. We got a chance to ask him a few questions about this and other matters:

What do people in the industry not know about Speco or what should they know about Speco that you find yourself talking about all the time?

Speco Technologies continues the spirit of the many private entrepreneurial companies that made the industry what it is today: great. Our focus is to make our customers look good, whether that means imparting technical knowledge to them, providing real product solutions that are easy to understand and install, delivering first-class vertical marketing opportunities, or just being the easiest company to do business with. It is quite satisfying to know that other companies are trying to copy our formula. The existing knowledge base and chemistry between each and every Speco employee is something that cannot be duplicated. For those that have attended a Speco training, either at our facility or through one of our road shows, this message is clear.

Do you have any examples of feedback you’ve taken from integrators/installers over the years that you’ve incorporated back into Speco’s technology or business roadmap?

Our business plan truly is centered on our distribution relationships. We live and breathe to work the channel. Our mission to be true to our business model doesn’t waiver and is driven from the top down. Our field personnel reap the benefits of not worrying about the strategy of the quarter and focus on driving integrator/installer business through their chosen distributor. This cannot be overstated. We constantly meet, train and assist the integrator/installers in every aspect of their business. The thanks for providing these services come to us in increased awareness and repeat orders. On the product side, we still do the standard stuff of focus groups and dealer discussions throughout the year, but I have never been surrounded by a team that really gets it the way our Product Management team does. Market and product data is everywhere; it’s a special group that can make informed decisions for product launches and programs from this information. Recent examples of this are our popular Intensifier Series of cameras, the EZVR4 launched at ISC West is creating a buzz at every level of integrator/installer, and our new a-live Audio product offering that takes Speco Technologies into new space.

If there’s one thing you’d like to get done over the next two years, what would it be?

That’s a great question that usually brings a flurry of internal discussion at Speco. The answer lies in a product concept we have developed. Speco’s Digital Deterrent takes the concept of video surveillance beyond viewing or recording an incident as it occurs. We have coupled our video and audio expertise with the desire to stop crime before it happens. This product is the start of an initiative that aims to deter crime. Our future product plans do include developing new solutions that provide the needed service of deterring crime in applications others haven’t previously reached due to technology or costs constraints. Accomplishing this not only benefits the security community, but the global community.