A-1 expands offerings

Thursday, December 1, 2005

RENO, Nev.--To better serve its customers and work with area police that have verified response policies, A-1 Security, a full service security and monitoring company, has added access control, video monitoring hardware and updated software as part of an upgrade this fall.
"Offering video verification is a large bonus in Las Vegas, for example, where the policy for the police is to run only on verified alarms," said Joannie Everett, central station manager.
Everett added that A-1 will now be able to immediately get information from areas being monitored to the police department when they notify them of the alarm trip.
The central serves a handful of third-party dealers and the largest account base is company-owned, at 7,000 accounts, with a footprint in the Reno/Sparks area.
With the upgrade, the central has the ability to video monitor using Oz Vision and Honeywell rapid eye, Everett said. It also reformatted software from the DOS version of MicroKey to the MicroKey Millennium series.
The software upgrade affords the central's operators the opportunity to offer a higher quality of service by concentration on the clients' needs and requests, Everett noted. "When the software is set up correctly, reports and notifications can be automatically run and dispersed," she said.
The company's nine operators have all been trained to use the new software systems.
The time was right to offer video monitoring at the central."In the past, the information to relay to all parties was limited to their alarm going off. Now the information can include what the operator is actually viewing while the alarm goes off."