Acadian partners with Secure-i for white-labeled hosted video surveillance

Monday, February 22, 2010

CHICAGO—Hosted video security services company Secure-i has partnered with Lafayette, La.-based monitoring company Acadian Monitoring Services to provide dealer- or Acadian-branded, IP-based hosted video surveillance and storage solutions for security integrators, alarm dealers and their customers.

According to Secure-i COO Eugene Szatkowski the partnership had been brewing for a while. “As far back as ESX last year, we had been talking with Acadian as well as other central stations, trying to introduce the use of hosted video and essentially the ultimate goal—which we are well on the way to now—is integrating our hosted video with central station software packages like Immix—which is what Acadian uses,” Szatkowski said. “The way this whole thing came about was we talked with SureView and they said, ‘We’d love to integrate your service with Immix, but we need one of our major partners to say, “we want this,”’ and we had already been in communication with Kenny [Savoie, director of operations] at Acadian. Kenny went to Matt [Krebs, EVP of sales] over at SureView and said, ‘We’re signing with Secure-i. Let’s get started with this integration.’”

Asked why they decided to go with the hosted video surveillance and storage solution from Secure-i, Savoie said the fit was a natural one and gave Acadian dealers more value. “There were very few of their level that’re out there right now that offer everything they offer. It’s easy to install and it’s priced right,” Savoie said. “These are real value-added services we can offer to our dealers. Their solution is not right for everybody, but there is a slick little vertical that it’s perfect for—retail shops that want a couple cameras, or even residential use and they don’t want to spend the whole deal on DVRs and the whole nine yards, it’s really a sweet package—and now our dealers can resell this to the end user and we can brand it to the dealer, too.”

Szatkowski said the white-labeled video package from Secure-i adds revenue for Acadian and its dealers. “We’re doing a second initiative with Acadian. Their partners right now sell DVRs to anyone who needs video and Acadian makes no money on that. So what Secure-i has done is built a white-labeled portal so Acadian dealers can sell Acadian-hosted video. So in the interim of us working with SureView to build in an integration with Immix, Acadian can now tell its dealers, ‘Stop selling DVRs … sell this hosted video that’s branded Acadian and we’ll monitor it.’ And Acadian starts to make recurring revenue off all the video their dealers sell.”