Acquisition adds significant size to ASG Security

Thursday, April 29, 2004

April 29, 2004

BELTSVILLE, Md. - ASG Security has doubled its employee base and substantially grown its business thanks to its recent purchase of Argus Security Systems in McAllen, Texas.
The acquisition, which closed last week, brings ASG Security’s account base to 42,000 customers and 250 employees. Argus Security is known as one of the largest security companies in the Rio Grande Valley area and has a niche of providing CCTV, security and fire suppression systems to restaurants.
“We consider it a hidden gem,” said Bob Ryan, vice president of sales and marketing for ASG Security. “It’s in a border town and doesn’t get the recognition it would if in a primary or secondary market.”
Argus Security has built a name for itself in Texas since its founding in 1981. The company generates $8 million a year in gross revenues, employs 135 people and operates a central station where it monitors 8,000 accounts.
ASG Security began courting Argus Security last fall. The company’s traditional approach to the market, offering both commercial and residential security, appealed to ASG Security, which is also taking a similar approach in the market.
“A lot of companies that are out there in the traditional commercial space started out in the alarm side, but had a vision,” said Ryan, to offer additional services such as video, access and gate access. “Now they can go into a commercial establishment and take their whole product line and deploy it.”
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