ADS Security to upgrade software

Monday, November 1, 2004

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- As ADS Security identifies its latest acquisition target, the company is one of 45 sites working on upgrading its central station software from the Monitoring Automation Systems B32 platform.

With MAS’ announcement that it foresees all of its current B32 customers transitioning to its MASterMind platform (See related story on page 29), the decision to upgrade was already in the works, said Mel Mahler, president and chief executive officer at the company.

“We were moving ahead and knew we had to make a change,” he said.

Founded in late 1989, ADS monitors 50,000 accounts from its central station in Nashville. The company has used MAS, and its B32 product, for 14 years.

A full-service security firm, ADS installs approximately 450 systems a month, almost always leading with fire.

Although MAS’ MASterMind product is the leading candidate for the upgrade, according to Mahler, he is also looking into Bold Technologies’ central station software Manitou. Both offer many of the same features, including prioritizing incoming emergency calls and handling account maintenance remotely through the use of the Internet.

Bill Gerth, senior vice president at ADS, is handling due diligence for the company. Mahler expects the process to take about six months before the company decides how to proceed. Gerth will visit both vendors before any decision is made.
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