ADT launches Select Link

New mass notification system
Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BOCA RATON, Fla.—ADT Security Services announced in February that it’s launched ADT Select Link, a Web-based electronic notification system, capable of alerting thousands of people in an emergency or non-emergency situationsvia telephone, cell phone, email, digital pager, fax machine and wireless PDA devices.
“It’s built around what the customer wants,” said Patrick Fiel, ADT public safety advisor.
Messages can be sent out to a targeted group, in different languages, and in different formats. “It’s a fast way to communicate with hundreds of thousands of people,” Fiel said.
ADT expects the system to be used for “both routine and emergency situations ... We encourage the customer to use it as an operational tool,” Fiel said.
Select Link does not require software or system installation. Authorized personnel type in or record a message into the Web-based system and designate who should receive the message, or call a toll-free number to reach an ADT Select Link representative who will compose and send the message.
Receipts of messages are confirmed and messages are resent until receipt is verified.
An obvious vertical for the system is school systems, but it will be useful to commercial buildings, hospitals and corporate campuses, Fiel said.
The system can often be up and running within 24 hours, but training prior to implementation is key, Fiel said.
At a school, for example, “We need to sit down and explain the system, how the protocol should work down to the last person on campus,” he said.
Select Link is sold through ADT corporate. Customers sign up for a three- to five-year contract, which includes ongoing training and troubleshooting. SSN