ADT loads up video services

Officials expect video to be a source of growth
Monday, November 1, 2004

BOCA RATON, Fla.—To better serve its commercial customers, ADT Security Services has rolled out a suite of managed services to offer video alarm verification, remote guard tour and video auditing.

The trio is part of an initial launch of services called ADT Select Vision, with future additions to include access control and GPS fleet management.

These services for the commercial security market are expected to account for a significant source of new business for ADT Security in the coming years. “The managed services is probably one of our biggest growth platforms for the next three to five years,” predicts Lisa Ciapetta, product marketing manager for ADT Security.

Ciapetta did not have numbers on how many customers may use the suite of services, but it will be offered by ADT Security’s more than 2,500 sales representatives.

The creation of the new services came as ADT Security searched for a way to help customers increase security functions without breaking the bank.

Customers can use the trio of services in any combination, such as one or all.

The video verification service uses ADT Security’s central station operators to verify an alarm. While the service has been available for some time, it is now integrated with broadband, enabling the central station to receive video signals at a faster rate.

The remote guard tour service, on the other hand, provides scheduled video tours of a customer’s business. Central station operators follow a check list of items to look for during the guard tour, such as making sure no cars are in a parking lot.

Ciapetta said the guard service, which launched in September, is the newest service for the company with less than 100 clients.

Video auditing services can track the time a customer spends in line at a fast food restaurant or make sure a security guard is checking access control badges.

What is unique about the service, said Ciapetta, is once ADT Security gathers the video, it shares it with customers through a web platform. E-mail prompts take customers to the ADT Select Vision website to view a report of alarms or video clips.

“We give them the ability to manage their business,” said Ciapetta. “We do the work and point them to potential trouble spots.”