ADT secures port/city

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

RICHMOND, Calif.--In May, ADT and Richmond officials gave a group of trade reporters an inside look at new wireless surveillance systems covering the city and port of Richmond, expected to be complete by the end of June.

An important shipbuilding port during WWII, Richmond Port is the third largest port in California and among the largest in the country in terms of imports. The city itself is diverse, with considerable challenges in terms of crime and security.

At this point, the city and the port systems are separate, but they will eventually be connected and the system has the capability to eventually be tied into a citywide (or larger) emergency system, said Jeff Gutierrez, ADT national accounts manager.

The project began in the city, the brainchild of a citizens group who wanted cameras installed to deter crime. The high-speed wireless mesh network, with video analytics, that was installed is intended to reduce crime and vandalism and to curb illegal dumping of waste. The system is monitored by the police department. Cameras can be moved to meet changing needs of the neighborhoods. In May, ADT was working to complete the last phase of the project that will enable police patrol cars to receive video feeds from the system. The cost of the system, $1.81 million, was shared among different city departments, said Bill Lindsay, Richmond city manager.

The Port of Richmond project is part of its Homeland Security initiatives and was paid for by a $2.3 million DHS grant. In total, the city and port projects include 116 fixed and PTZ cameras (Axis cameras using analytics by ObjectVideo) built on a BelAir Networks mesh network. “One of the highest capacity mesh networks in the country,” according to Craig Reed of ADT.