ADT taking interactive video mainstream

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

BOCA RATON, Fla. - In the hopes of capturing new commercial customers and upgrading how it serves its current client base, ADT Security Services is putting its marketing muscle behind its interactive video monitoring service, InterACT.

The monitoring system, which the company has been pushing for the past few months, connects the customer’s on-site cameras to ADT’s Customer Monitoring Center in Aurora, Colo., where the company’s dedicated dispatchers handle the interactive accounts. That facility, one of six central stations the company maintains around the country, also handles the company’s national accounts and incoming calls, according to Lisa Ciappetta, product marketing manager for ADT.

While ADT had been offering this service for some of its clients for a number of years, a formal launch of the service a few months ago has garnered significant interest in the program, as concerns about homeland security permeate the commercial/industrial sector.

“Because of homeland seccurity issues, people now consider themselves a target, such as water treatment facilities,” Ciappetta said.

Company officials wouldn’t reveal how many customers are up and running on InterACT, but said it is still a small percentage of the company’s overall business, when compared with the number of traditional accounts the company monitors.

While the InterACT service is most frequently used as a substitution for on-site guard service, the monitoring can also be used to integrate with other corporate functions, such as human resources, and, for retailers, internal theft or shrinkage.

Company Spokesperson Ann Lind-strom said ADT is also looking at the viability of a residential application for interactive monitoring. “We are finding that there is a lot of interest and are trying to determine whether it makes sense to take it to a broader market.”