Advent launches dealer program

Friday, September 4, 2009

KAYSVILLE, Utah—After four years of end user-direct sales, aimed at gaining respectability and product history, surveillance manufacturer Advent Systems has launched a certified dealer program.

“We’ve been around since 2004,” said Doug Reed, Advent president and CEO. “When we first began, our focus was on setting up a dealer network, so we went to ISC and ASIS and we discovered the dealers wanted more credibility and longevity, even though they liked our technology. Their first question was, ‘Who’s using your system?’ and when I said the shoe store down the street, that wasn’t quite what they wanted.”

So Advent, pitching a 64-channel DVR that can deliver 30 frames per second on every channel simultaneously at 704 by 480 resolution, set out to get some customers. The company now lists 37 youth corrections facilities here in its home state of Utah, along with all 21 driver’s license offices and nine DMV offices. They also recently installed at the McConnell Air Force base in Kansas and at the Sundance ski resort, but roughly 80 percent of its 700 or so deployed DVRs are in government use.

“So, we hit a point last year,” said Reed, “where we thought we had the credibility now. We’ve got the longevity now. We’ve got a lot of systems out there and we know what the issues are. It’s time to focus on the dealer program now.”

The company has roughly 20 companies signed up and is in talks with larger integrators like Stanley and Diebold, said Reed. And it’s getting out of the installation business entirely.

“Our focus is on the dealer,” Reed emphasized. “Even now, we’re pulling out the end users and providing that client to the dealers. They’re liking that.”

Admittedly still on the small side, at 15 employees, “as we set up that dealer network, we’ll grow,” Reed said.