Aegis relocates as home Theater demand rises

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, April 1, 2004

LEESBURG, Va. - With business growth shifting to home theater systems, Aegis Technologies has moved its home base here to accommodate the addition of an audio and video showroom.

The new 3,000-square-foot office, three times larger than the company’s previous location in Middleburg, Va., includes a Home Electronics Design Center constructed with customer senses in mind.

“Customers can come in and see, touch, feel, hear,” said Jim Kershaw, president and owner of the company. “We’re really trying to promote all the different electronic gizmos you can buy for your home.”

Aegis’ business has shifted from selling and installing security systems exclusively to the addition of full-service home theater installation. Not including security, Kershaw noted that 80 percent of

the company’s business is audio and video systems, and with higher profit margins in home theater, he is eager to enhance the company’s expertise in this field.

“The audio/video side of the business is hot for one, people love this stuff,” he said. “ The same customer who would beat me up over a $1,500 security system to get me down to $1,200 can’t wait to write me a check for $25,000 to do audio and never question the price.”

Kershaw mentioned the mass marketing approach in the1990s to give away free security systems has affected the return on installs and he is aware that the majority of his future business, and profits, may lie in home theater. Even so, he refuses to leave security by the wayside.

“It goes right along with what we do and we do it very well,” he said. “Educated consumers know that they can buy an ADT security system for half the price than what we’re going to sell it to them for, but they know they are probably not going to get the good service we can provide.”

Currently, Aegis has 12 full-time employees, but may add four more before the end of the year, if Kershaw’s additional 20-percent growth goal is attained. He believes the showroom will assist in that objective.

“We’re very excited about our new location and we think it’s really going to help our business grow.”