After shedding guard division, PSBTech brands itself with access control system

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

NUTLEY, N.J. - In its effort to be a technology driven company, Professional Security Monitoring shed its guard division in December, and in the interim launched a hosted access control service and changed its name.

Now known as PSBTech, the company offers the system through its own installers and third parties. Target customers range from small- to large-sized companies. For dealers, offering hosted access control systems enables recurring revenue rather than just a one-time install fee.

PSBTech’s decision to offer access control services comes after it sold its $100-million guard services division late last year. Founded in 1967, the company diversified its offerings in 1996, when it started providing electronic security systems integration services. In 2002, the company acquired an U.L.-approved central station and now monitors over 30,000 accounts.

“We’ve been looking to embrace new technology to bring it to market,” said company president Douglas Goode, who had served as executive vice president then shifted to his current role soon after the Allied Security deal closed. “That’s why we partnered with Synergistics.”

PSBTech is using Synergistics’ iAccess online access control product for the new service. PSBTech decided to implement the Natick, Mass.-based company’s technology after almost a full year of talks, according to Goode.

The service has no need for servers or software upgrades on-site, increasing its sales potential. Since PSBTech handles the monitoring, individual locations do not have to invest in the cost of purchasing new electronics and time on the maintenance involved with the devices. “People are getting away from expensive computers,” said Goode.

PSBTech offers two-tiers of service for the system. The first involves hosting the application and providing the equipment. The end user is responsible for running their own reports, which is managed through a web browser. Customers who opt for the second tier can have the company run any reports they would like as well as remotely add and delete users.

According to officials at PSBTech, one customer is now using the system to issue badges to conference attendees.