Alamo Alarm owner on trial for murder

SSN Staff  - 
Wednesday, March 1, 2006

STOCKTON, Calif.--Paul Alamo, owner of Alamo Alarm living in Stockton, Calif., will stand trial this month for the murder of Mark Hasty, the Record reported. The event in question happened Oct. 13, 2003, at a home on which house painter Hasty was working. Alamo has been free on $333,333 bail since the time of his arrest in December of 2003.
Alamo has claimed through his lawyer that he shot Hasty in self-defense. Deputy District Attorney Lester Fleming says Alamo should not have been at the crime scene in the first place. The arguments phase of the trial was set to begin by Feb. 1.
Hasty's family filed a wrongful death claim against Alamo in civil court. That suit will argued following the murder trial.
Alamo Alarm is a full service alarm company located in Woodbridge, Calif.