Alarm Ordinance Watch

SSN Staff  - 
Saturday, August 1, 2009

BATAVIA, Ill.--A story from The Chronicle, reported the City of Batavia has revised its false alarm ordinance. To cut down on the number of false alarms, Batavia aldermen on July 6 voted to approve new rules for homes and businesses that have alarm systems. Alarm holders now will be required to obtain a permit. The permit is free of charge and must be renewed annually.

Those who do not have a valid permit face a $200 fine. The revised ordinance will allow alarm holders two false alarm police responses, and two false alarm fire department responses. A false alarm would not include such things as telephone line malfunctions or service interruptions or food burned in or on approved cooking appliances. Those with a third false alarm in a 12-month period face a $50 fine. Alarm holders with 10 or more false alarms face a $300 fine per false alarm.


The Washington Post reported a law that requires home and business owners to register their alarm systems with Prince William County police took effect July 1. The Prince William Board of County Supervisors established the requirement at the behest of county police who said the measure should cut the number of false-alarm calls to which police regularly respond and allow the department to better use its resources. The registration fee is $10 every two years.

The first two times police respond to a false alarm at a registered house, they will impose no consequences. With the third false alarm, police said, the security company will be notified and homeowners must be retrained in how to use their system. If false calls continue, additional fees will be applied. To register or to get information, visit or call 703-792-6687 or 703-792-7281.