Alarm Ordinance Watch

SSN Staff  - 
Wednesday, July 1, 2009
The Dayton Daily News on April 1 reported the Dayton Fire Department pushed hard for city commissioners to pass a fire ordinance that fines repeat offenders. The ordinance calls for a written notice if crews respond to two false alarms at the same location. The third false alarm in a year warrants a $50 fine and the fourth is a $100 fine. The fines go all the way up to $250. The seventh time, the fire department is allowed to disconnect from the alarm system.
The Statesville Record & Landmark reported on March 31 that beginning April 1, an ordinance, adopted by the Iredell County Board of Commissioners, will impose civil fines on what are called excessive alarms - more than three in a 12-month period. The city of Statesville instituted a policy of charging for false alarms a number of years ago. The fine process is as follows: One to two in a 12-month period: no fine; three to four in a 12-month period: $50 civil penalty; five to six: $100; seven or more: $250. The alarm ordinance effects every business, home, church, factory or any other type of occupancy that has any type of automatic or manual fire alarm system. 
The Garden City News Online reported on March 27 the Garden City Board of Trustees voted to implement fines and fees related to false alarms. In a revenue-enhancing move, false alarm violators will receive a $50 fine if there are three within six months. There will also be an annual $75 registration fee for residents and $100 for businesses to have an alarm.
The Bedford Police Department issued notice March 10 it intends to enforce more stringently a 1981 ordinance regarding fines for false alarms. Bedford has astablished the Alarm Board, a three-member panel authorized to oversee alarm use. After June, only three false alarms will be allowed per 12-month period. A service charge of $25 will apply to the fourth and fifth alarms. Following that, each false alarm costs $50. Parsley noted alarms triggered by severe weather conditions will not be counted.