teams up with SunRocket

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

MCLEAN, Va.--Wireless web-enabled security system provider and SunRocket expect business to increase as the result of a partnership, announced in Septemer, that will give SunRocket customers access to reduced pricing on systems and upgrades.
SunRocket vice president of public relations Brian Lustig said the two-year-old company, also based here, is one of the nation's fastest-growing VoIP providers, with 160,000 customers nationwide.
"Our philosophy has been to make VoIP as simple and easy to use as possible. This alliance fits in with that philosophy. We want to give our customers an easy alternative they can use," he said.
"A lot of consumers are getting VoIP telephone service because it's feature rich and economical," said Mary Knebel, vice president of business development for What some consumers don't realize is that a security system that uses analog technology may not work with VoIP phone service.
Some VoIP customers are under the impression that they must keep a landline in order to have a security system and they're relieved to learn that offers an alternative, Knebel said.
Lustig noted that customers who have DSL Internet service need to keep their telephone landline when they get VoIP phone service. DSL customers often opt to do this, retain basic land-line service and get VoIP, because it's usually more economical than landline service alone, he explained.
For customers who have cable modem broadband, no landline is needed. can be used in either scenario, because it does not require a phone line or Internet connection to communicate signals to the central station.
In addition to its wireless capabilities, customers can monitor and control their security systems remotely through the Web, and receive real-time text-messages and email alerts that keep them informed about non-alarm activity such as access to pool gate.