American Building Control settles patent infringement dispute

SSN Staff  - 
Monday, September 1, 2003

LEWISVILLE, Texas - American Building Control has won a patent infringement lawsuit against Silent Witness and will now receive royalties from that company for its prior use of the patent.

Under dispute was a patent pertaining to the electronic monitoring and surveillance devices installed in public transportation vehicles, which American Building Controls intends to use to develop its mobile video products. The company bought the patent in 1995 from Jerold Forsberg and settled a royalty dispute with him in April. The patent was also upheld and re-issued in 2002 after a complete reexamination, company officials said.

Silent Witness also agreed to enter into a license agreement covering the future use of the patent.

The lawsuit was initially filed under American Building Control’s original name, Ultrak. But after its CCTV business was sold to Honeywell, the company changed its name to American Building Controls as part of the purchase agreement.

ABC officials said the lawsuit was costly, both in time and money.