Anixter takes a plug-and-play approach with CCTV systems

Thursday, May 1, 2003

SKOKIE, Ill. - Eighteen months of work has led product distributor Anixter to create what is considered the first system of its kind that enables systems integrators to take a plug-and-play and open platform approach when installing CCTV systems.

The system, called CCTP for Closed Circuit Twisted Pair, enables dealers to run traditional CCTV cameras over unshielded twisted pair cable and integrate power, video and control signals over a single cable on an existing IT or network backbone. Previously, integrators had to run multiple cables to a CCTV system and head end device, such as the VCR or monitoring system.

According to Frank LaPlante, vice president of marketing for Anixter, the patented system is part of bridging the gap between the security market and the traditional security directors and IT people.

“There are two cultures out there and how do we bridge that?” asked LaPlante.

To come up with the system, Anixter worked closely with manufacturers, such as Bosch’s CCTV division.

“We shared the same vision that Anixter had that CCTV was going from a traditional set up to a new set up more related to IT,” said Robert Smulders, vice president of sales, CCTV for Bosch. “More and more IT professionals that did not have experience in CCTV are getting involved in CCTV related issues.”

To ensure that systems integrators are trained on the system, Anixter established a certification program. It rolled out the program last year and now has a certified installer near each of Anixter’s 65 North American offices.

Others in the industry who are not certified installers can still offer the system, but by becoming a certified installer, dealers can offer a three year warranty.

NetVersant, a company formed just three years ago that offers structured cabling, electronic security, telephony and wireless expertise, is one of those authorized CCTP installers.

The CCTP system, said Scott Fordham, president and chief executive officer of NetVersant, is needed as security procurement shifts from non-IT people to the IT department.

LaPlante said not only does the CCTP system make it easier to install CCTV, but it also provides a standard solution lacking in today’s security industry.

“This certainly makes sure everyone talks the same language,” concurred Smulders of Bosch.