Announcing … Security Director News

Monday, March 1, 2004

Yes, we’re launching another industry publication! But it’s not another standard magazine; we’re launching a newspaper just like Security Systems News. This one is for security directors and the decision-makers in the public sector. Some may ask why, given that there are so many publications in this market. For those of you who read Security Systems News, you aren’t asking why. You understand why. And those who we’ve spoken with about this are flat-out thrilled.

When I entered this industry six years ago, it was small, with a low profile, and had been very slow to change over many, many years. Change represented opening the door to risk, so the less change there was, the less risk there was. But some profound things have happened over the past couple years that ongoing changes can’t be stopped.

I shouldn’t need to repeat what all the changes are but I will in case you’ve just joined us. Sept. 11, 2001, terrorism and the war against it have had a profound impact. The Internet and the fact that our data and all of the company’s data sits on it equals big changes. There are advances in technology, along with what’s coming down the pike. And don’t forget the increasing liabilities, sizes of organizations, national and international responsibilities and the desire for system uniformity between buildings and countries.

Few industries have experienced as much rapid, fundamental change in such a short period of time as this one. Today we’re one of, if not the highest-profile industry in the nation, perhaps even the world. Once made up of small companies, today we’re a part of General Electric, Tyco, Bosch, Stanley Works, Honeywell, Siemens, Securitas and even United Technologies. What’s next?

It’s not enough for corporate security directors and government officials to have only standard, how-to, application-driven magazines to read. They’re hungry for real news - facts about what’s going on in their very own business world. Who, when, where, why and what others are doing about the same issues that they are facing. News does not recommend or suggest what one should do to solve problems. It simply presents facts about what others have done and why, in the voice of those we interview.

It’s time to talk turkey here. Yes, there are a couple of folks from outside the industry who have come in attempting to do so. I remember when that was Security Systems News and folks snickered behind my back and even to my face about all that I had to learn. Well, my team and I did learn it. Now we live and breathe and dream about the world of security.

Security directors are under the gun, both literally and figuratively. And we’re stepping up to the task. We’re not from outside the industry rushing into an exploding market to grab share. We didn’t jump out of the gate at the first sign of rising opportunity. We waited, we watched, we considered and we now believe that directors have needs that we can address. So, we’re stepping up to the plate and are going to give them what they need.

You, our subscribers know the value you get from Security Systems News. You’ve told us you read it first, more often, consistently and thoroughly than any other channel publication. You also know the corporate security directors and government decision-makers who are looking for the kind of news we will publish. I say, come to our booth at ISC West and get a few copies of Security Director News to hand-deliver to your preferred customers. They’ll appreciate it. And if you’re not coming to the show, call, write or e-mail me for copies.

It’s time to close the communication gap in this industry. We need to all be talking, listening and discussing amongst every level, from the manufacturers, to the distributors, to the reseller, to end-users, about all the issues facing this marketplace. We’ve created the buzz in the channel, and now we are expanding this buzz to include everyone. We’re an industry in transition and we need to work together to make this transition smooth and effective.

So join with us to make this happen. We all know when something is right and when something is not. Listen to your gut and follow your instincts here. I am. I look forward to seeing you at ISC West and sharing Security Director News with you. Please share your news with us about the end user market so that we can help make this world a safer place.