ARC moves into custom digs

Thursday, March 20, 2003

March 20, 2003

EUCLID, Ohio - More than a decade after the design and construction of a custom central station facility to house its operations, another central station here has moved into that facility as part of its plan for growth.

American Response Center, formed in late 2001, will move into the new building in late June or early July, according to Jim Osborne, ARC’s president. The building was built and designed in the late 1980s for Emergency Response Center, a central station where Osborne served as vice president and general manager. After purchasing ERC in 1997 and continuing to use the central station, Security Associates International vacated the building more than a year ago after it moved its monitoring operations out of Cleveland as part of a consolidation plan.

With the new 4,500 square foot facility, ARC will have three times the space of its existing 1,500-square-foot building, which the company is leasing. The company plans to use only half of the space to start, reserving the rest for room to grow.

“It’s built to meet UL specifications,” Osborne said, “and for our operations and our plans, it’s more than enough.”

With about 12,000 accounts, with another 3,000 in the pipeline, the new facility provides ample room for expansion to ARC’s target account range of between 40,000 and 50,000 accounts. ERC had about 120,000 accounts at the time former owner Robert Ambros sold the company to SAI.