Armida teams with BlueWave

Thursday, October 11, 2007

SAN ANTONIO--Armida Technologies, a wireless streaming video manufacturer, and BlueWave Security, a wireless access control manufacturer, have announced a technology alliance that will result in what they're calling a "video and access control solution in a box."
Though the concept was introduced at ASIS International last month, the product is not due for release until Q1 of 2008, said Mance Harmon, president and chief executive officer at BlueWave. "We're in the process," he said, "of integrating video into the BlueWave software package, then it will take advantage of the Armida controllers and offer the obvious additional features that result from integrated access and video. For example, if you wanted to follow the path of an individual through a building, you could do that through the audit information, but you'd also be able to see the sequence of video clips as well. You'd have a video audit trail."
With Armida's wireless video capabilities and BlueWave's wireless access offerings integrated, the next step was to develop a package focused on the dealer market, Harmon said.
"We're making it possible for a dealer to receive a package," he said, "that includes the BlueWave NetGen door controllers and the Armida SecurityController [that integrates wireless surveillance equipment with a communications platform for other security devices], which serves two functions: it provides the network infrastructure, meaning the access point and/or router, and it's the video server. Then we'd include some cameras, and then a CD, and you'd install the software on a work station and there would be a seamless integration for the access control product, as well as the video, and so the one software package would manage the settings on the SecurityController, as well as serve as the data store, and there would be a single user interface to manage the whole thing."
Initially, the package will be pushed out to dealers working with Clark Security Products, whose chief executive officer, Marshall Merrifield, is a co-founder of BlueWave. However, noted Harmon, Clark has no equity stake in BlueWave and "our contractual relationship is identical to that of any other manufacturer's." Down the road, BlueWave and Armida hope to bring their box to other distributors, and not just those in the traditional physical security field.
"We view both the Armida and BlueWave technology as being crossover technology," said Harmon. "So the datacom channel, for example, has an opportunity to get into the physical security business."