Aronson Group focuses on converged solutions

Saturday, March 1, 2008

SEATTLE--With its purchase of Selectron wrapped up, Aronson Security Group is now focusing on building its new Converged Security Services division to develop and promote combined physical and logical security services to its clients nationwide.
Phil Aronson, chief executive officer of ASG, said the new division provides "an opportunity to lead the industry" by offering its customers security solutions that not only protect assets, but add business value to organizations.
"Tying the IT infrastructure with the physical security infrastructure isn't what the CFO wants to hear," he said. "He wants to hear how this will reduce costs. We can do that with converged services."
The goal of the initiative is to provide clients with a single point of contact for physical-logical solutions and teach clients how to leverage these solutions for business purposes.
"The key part is to create value," Aronson said. "You pay for this system through one department's budget and getting value out of that in another department."
The development of the division was driven by ASG's "customers and by the market," Aronson said. According to 4A International, the demand for converged products and services could be as high as $11 billion in 2008 and reach $22.8 billion by 2010.
But physical security providers can only take advantage of this opportunity by learning the IT side of the business, said Jack Turley, vice president of sales and marketing for ASG.
"If there is a weakness in the security industry, it is on the IT side," he said. "Many think it is about putting a camera on the network and they are done. They don't realize the impact of this."
Many of the early adopters of converged solutions are "some of the larger clients that have a common CSO," Aronson said. But smart-card and single-sign-on projects are also driving the market for joint physical-logical solutions forward.
Tim Winston, a veteran IT security executive, will lead the division.