Arteco adds on-demand function

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - Arteco Vision Systems, an intelligent video solutions provider, announced on Feb. 20 an on-demand addition to its remote video software application, Arteco-Logic, which allows central stations to receive video streams only after the occurrence of a security violation.
“With the on-demand feature of the product we no longer have to view video when no security events are taking place,” said Steve Birkmeier, vice president of Arteco. “When an event takes place the live video will pop-up on the screen so personnel can take appropriate action. [Operators] can view the recorded event simultaneously while looking at live video and make a security decision on how to deal with the issue and then drop the video off the grid with a click of the mouse.”
Birkmeier said this on-demand functionality is an “additional layer of real-time response” capability for central stations, providing video verification and effectively reducing false alarms. The pop-up video feature also significantly reduces bandwidth requirements for central stations. “A major issue has always been that you don’t want to stream all the video back to a central location because it would be a bandwidth nightmare,” he said, “so we developed this feature after working with central stations to combat this problem.”
Arteco’s IVS offerings are a software/hardware-based system, which uses the Arteco-Logic software to access Arteco’s servers remotely. Birkmeier said that while this platform is “not an open architecture system, it can be used at any monitoring station.” SSN