ASG adds capabilities in Mid-Atlantic with integrator purchase

Thursday, May 21, 2009

BELTSVILLE, Md.—ASG’s May 19 acquisition of Controlled Access will expand video and access control capabilities in ASG’s Mid-Atlantic region.

“It continues to set the stage for us where all of our branch operations [have strong capabilities] in all the channels where we do business, including high-end commercial, government, small business, residential and fire,” said ASG CEO Joe Nuccio. The company brings with it $33,000 in RMR and $5 to 6 million in installation revenue. ASG expects to quickly double the amount of RMR with the combined resources of the two companies.

“We want to continue to add into the core product line, so we can grow and build [the branches] internally.” This will allow branches to increase installation revenue, RMR, do more commercial work and up their test and inspection business.

“It also builds density in the mid-Atlantic region,” something ASG has been focused on in all of its regions, noted Ralph Masino, ASG CFO.

Controlled Access, a 30-employee shop based in Maple Grove, N.J., can now take advantage of ASG’s fire and burg capabilities. Within the next 90 days, the Maple Grove office will merge with ASG’s nearby Turnerville, N.J., branch operation.

Nuccio called Casey Guagenti, president of Controlled Access, “one of the best sales guys around.” He and Nuccio are old friends, having worked together years ago at Security Link.

Founded in the early 1970s, Controlled Access has been around “since the early days of integration,” Guagenti said. The company developed a number of security products (video data-mining, access control multiplexers) that weren’t readily available in those days. Guagenti and two silent partners acquired the company in 2001. “We kept away from making products and focused on adding business acumen and discipline on the finance and business side of the organization. We developed the organization as far as we could take it,” he said. “With the advent of the ASG acquisition, we want to go to the next level, and we’re certain we will.”

“Their business model is a perfect fit for us,” he said. “We are a security integrator with high skills in access and video, but we haven’t had the fire and security component before [nor] the bonding capacity necessary for some of the larger projects. ASG will bring that and the fire and security,” he said.

The day-to-day experience for Controlled Access employees won’t change much. Guagenti said he’ll be focusing more on the growth of the business from a sales perspective and there will be more opportunities for Controlled Access employees. “They’ll be working in a larger organization with multiple sites. The cream rises to the top and [top performers] will have more opportunity for growth. From a legacy standpoint, they’re already being treated as a part of the family and that’s how I hoped it would happen.”