Atronic touts customized approach

New facility will showcase technology opportunities for customers
Monday, May 1, 2006

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.--Atronic Alarms executives Perry Atha and John Erickson are eager to talk about their upcoming move to new headquarters, but what they really want to discuss is how their market approach keeps customers and employees happy and contributes to their low rate of false alarms.
Atronic's move to a 12,000- square-foot building at 8220 Melrose will take place by September. With room to expand on a 2.2-acre site, the building will include a happening new showroom, said Atha, Atronic's president.
"We're going to blow it out and fill it full of new technology," said John Erickson, vice president of Atronic. "We'll have live working systems with the latest in cameras ... access control and biometric readers" that customers, both residential and commercial, can check out.
Atronic Alarms started with three employees in 1982. Today it has 36 employees, 3,000 accounts and $3 million in annual sales. Its customers are 65 percent residential, with growing commercial and fire divisions.
Atha and Erickson say the fact that every installation is custom designed sets them apart from companies that sell packaged systems, affording employees the opportunity to do customized work and reducing Atronic's rate of false alarms.
Atronic has installers who have been with them for 15 or 20 years. One installer began signing his name on alarm panels after a job; now all Atronic installers do the same. "They're accountable for their work, and so proud of their work, that they want to sign their names," Erickson said.
Erickson touted Atronic's false alarm reduction effort and said their numbers are far below the national average.
"We reduce false alarms by not having a cookie-cutter approach. We design the systems to meet the individual's needs," he said. Atronic is diligent about testing the alarms and following up on problems to discern whether the cause is related to a product, an installer error or customer error.