Attacking the floor at ISC West in Las Vegas

Some dos and don'ts from those who've been there and done it
Sunday, April 1, 2007

It's the first day of ISC West, and you are pumped full of excitement. Your arms are not yet tired from carrying literature and tchotchkes from booth to booth, and your new shoes haven't started to pinch even a little bit. Perhaps most importantly, you we're up all last night playing the tables (well, maybe a little craps before bed ...). It's going to be a great show.
Then, day two sets in. You've gone to more meetings than you can count, seen more products than you can shake a stick at, hit a few parties the night before (and some more of those craps tables, perhaps) and need some relief.
Well, help is on the way. Veteran show-goers answered our Security Systems News Newspoll in March with some words of advice for attacking the show floor in Vegas:

BARB HOLLIDAY, Monitronics
"Wear comfortable shoes. Don't swipe your badge if you really aren't interested. Ask a lot of questions!"

JORDAN BROWN, Guardtronic
"I hit every booth the first day, just to get a feel for where everyone is. I'll spend more time with each of the interesting vendors on the second or third days."

TIM CREENAN, Amherst Alarm
"Pre-plan your days. Research the exhibitors and mark a show map of your route, like Mapquest."

OMAR VALDEMAR, City National Bank
"Dress comfortably, keep hydrated, and don't grab everything. Have them mail you information."

DAN WARNER, Brook Security
"Ask the questions, 'How long have you been in the business?' and 'What is your technical support program?' When the rep speaks, can you understand what is being said? This goes to the credibility of the company. Are they paying attention or just showing up?"

MIKE PERDUE, FirstEnergy Corp.
"Make a 'wish list' of companies or product lines to visit before you attend. [There are also] quality seminars that you must attend to gain more knowledge. Pick your time wisely ... then be prepared to adjust."

CHAD PARRIS, Security Consultants
"Try to schedule times in advance with certain manufacturers in their off-the-floor demo rooms. Don't get pulled in by all the flashing lights of the other exhibitors and stay focused. After you hit the ones on your list, have fun and OD on the rest of the show!"