Axcess wins RFID patent award

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, May 1, 2003

CARROLLTON, Texas - Asset tracking and digital video products manufacturer Axcess Inc. has been awarded a patent that improves security systems through the wireless and automatic identification of people and monitoring of assets.

The patent, called Distributed Tag Reader System and Method, is the third patent relating to the company’s radio frequency identification technology sold under the ActiveTag label.

The system covered by the patent speeds up secure building access, automatically detects intruders during working hours and automatically monitors and protects assets. It is also compatible with existing security systems.

The patent award comes just a few months after Axcess secured additional financing, enabling the company to return employees to payroll after instituting a company-wide furlough. All the while, though, the company continued to ship product as many of the comany’s employees continued to work.