Bays National Security takes on tech

IP-based video monitoring part of technology upgrade
Monday, May 1, 2006

TULSA, Okla.--Bays National Security, a full service alarm company, never wanted to be at the bleeding edge of technology, said president Jim Koelle. However, after receiving dealer requests, the central is that much closer to the newest industry technology after adding Internet and video monitoring this spring.
At first, Koelle, who described the company as ultra-conservative, was hesitant to add new services, but in the end listened to what his dealers wanted. "We understand this is where the industry is going," he said, although he also said it's not going to go there quite as quickly as a lot of people like to write about. "I think its something we need to offer," he admitted. "We have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century."
The company used to offer storage for classified documents, but sold off that part of the business in 2003. Now that Bays National Security leases space to store documents, the areas once used for that purpose are now part of the central station again. The added space complements the central's future growth, Koelle said.
Bays National Security partners with 28 dealers dotted throughout the country and monitors government, commercial and residential accounts.
With the leap toward newer technology, Koelle said the services are part of the learning process for dealers and staff at the central. The company developed a DVD and seminar, called Bays University, which encourages dealers to incorporate new services into their business plans.
Despite the company's conservative outlook, Koelle agreed having more offerings would get dealers on board: "Obviously, we want to grow, but it is more important for us to have the offerings available to our existing dealers to go show them how to harvest the opportunities that those technologies will bring to them."