The big get even bigger

HID nearly doubles in size; merges with Assa Abloy’s ITG
Tuesday, April 1, 2008

IRVINE, Calif.—HID Global announced in February a merger with fellow Assa Abloy company Identifications Technologies, known as ITG. This nearly doubles HID Global’s size and adds a number of RFID tracking capabilities to the access control giant’s capabilities.
According to HID Global president and chief executive officer Denis Hébert, customers can expect to see an increase in converged and vertical market solutions for secure identity-related applications. “Obviously,” he said, “most of the traditional HID dealers are focused on the physical access world, but within [the ITG] portfolio is OmniKey, focused on logical access control. The combination of OmniKey products and the Crescendo card will permit them to provide convergence solutions, with the credentials capable in the logical world as well as the physical world.” The Crescendo card is a Microsoft-compatible offering HID Global unveiled at last year’s RSA Security conference.
“If you consider our objective of being the trusted source of products, services, and know-how related to secure identity,” Hébert said, “there will now be more complete solutions that we can offer into the marketplace, solving the convergence problem for certain customers.” HID Global products, he said, can now allow for an identity that can be created in a secure environment, for example, “securely issued credentials programmed through a secure Fargo printer, with secure materials, which can then be used for logical and physical access control ... So it’s an identity solution that’s guaranteed to work together from one end to the other, rather than a disparate approach that says ‘cards for this, tokens for that, independent provisioning’ and hoping it all ties together.”
While some integrators might currently make integrating disparate products one of their revenue streams, “it can also be a nightmare from an integrator’s point of view,” Hébert said. “We can guarantee how these things actually do function together.”
Going forward, as the companies combine, most ITG functions will now fall under the HID Global brand. However, the Sokymat and OmniKey product brands will remain market facing.
“There will definitely be some rationalization,” Hébert said “in certain departments and areas ... It’s more efficient from the Assa Abloy perspective to have the two groups together.” SSN