Bordes Group teams in Caribbean

SSN Staff  - 
Monday, May 1, 2006

ORLANDO, Fla.--The Bordes Group, a 30-year-old security consulting firm, announced in April a partnership with ARM Specialists, a consulting firm in Arima, Trinidad & Tobago, to offer expanded services throughout the Caribbean. This follows March's announcement of a partnership with IT-security consultant Information Security Consultants.
The partnership will offer its services to facilities such as airports, government buildings, military installations, industrial complexes and residential developments.
ARM Specialists was founded by Lt. Col. Lyle Alexander, CPP, after a military career and 10 years of service as security manager of a multinational oil and gas company. Alexander continues to serve as the commanding officer of the reserve component of the Trinidad & Tobago Defense Force.
"This agreement will advance the level of expertise in designing integrated security systems in the Caribbean," Bordes Group chief executive officer Roy Bordes said in a statement. Bordes also has an international presense with an office in Saudi Arabia.