Bosch IP receiver targets smaller central stations

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

FAIRPORT, N.Y.--Bosch Security Systems has expanded its IP receiver offerings to target smaller central stations and proprietary monitoring centers with the release of its Conettix D6100i Communications Receiver/Gateway. “Up until our 6100i series, our receivers were more of a larger central station solution,” said Tom Mechler, product marketing manager for intrusion products at Bosch. “What the 6100i does is it expands the ability to use IP communication in a smaller application.” The D6100i is a two-line receiver and can accept up to 3,200 Internet network alarm accounts. It also has two programmable inputs and outputs for connection to automation systems, programming software and printers, and two-way audio support for alarm verification.

Mechler said the growth of IP monitoring spurred Bosch to release a receiver designed to help smaller central stations enter the IP-monitoring market. “IP communication has been a part of our business for almost 10 years and it is typically associated with larger national, commercial accounts and large central stations,” he said. “But with the advent of VoIP telephone service, other dealers and smaller central stations needed a solution for IP alarm communication, so that’s why Bosch made the D6100i.”

The receiver can be integrated with other manufacturers’ panels as well. To monitor a third-party control panel over IP, installers can use Bosch’s C900V2 Universal IP Communicator. To use the telephone communication portion of the receiver, the D6100i will accept reports from virtually any third-party control panel.