Bosch's McNamara joins AFAA Board of Directors

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

LAKE MARY, Fla.--Jack McNamara, a senior fire product manager for Bosch, has been named to the board of directors of the Automatic Fire Alarm Association, headquartered here.
"I'm looking forward to being involved and helping to drive the process," he said.
A 30-year veteran of the fire safety industry, McNamara is active in other industry groups, including Underwriters Laboratories committees, the National Electrical Manufacturing Association, and National Fire Protection Association technical committees.
AFAA is a national trade association representing the automatic fire detection and fire alarm industry. Members include fire alarm distributors, manufacturers, engineers, authorities having jurisdiction and some end users responsible for fire protection. It is a two-tiered organization, with the national group and state or regional member associations.
Tom Hammerberg, executive director of AFAA, said the organization "provides quality fire alarm training and works to affect ICC and NFPA code changes." With the primary goal of improving fire safety in America, the group has an "annual meeting each spring and an annual breakfast held in conjunction with the NFPA World Fire Safety Conference, a highlight of which is a discussion that addresses a current topic of interest in the industry," he said.
McNamara will be one of 14 people who sit on the AFAA board of directors.
One of AFAA's current goals is to synergize efforts with other industry segments and organizations such as NEMA, NFPA, the National Fire Sprinkler Association. "It is important to build relationships with these other organizations to support each others' proposals for changes to the national codes and standards in an effort to improve fire protection requirements in the codes," Hammerberg said.