SSN Staff  - 
Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Agency issues product recall for smoke detector

BETHESDA, Md. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a product safety recall in December of smoke detector systems manufactured by Austin, Texas-based GE Security due to compatibility issues with certain security panels.

GE Security, working in tandem with the CPSC, said the company’s hard-wired S10A ESL smoke detectors can fail to activate during a fire or emergency when installed in combination with particular control panels.

ITI Security Panels were cited as not being compatible with GE’s systems by the recall, specifically the company’s product brands Advent, Concord and Concord Express. There are approximately 246,000 GE Security S10A ESL smoke detector units on the market, according to the CPSC.

Carbon monoxide detectors required in homes

JUNEAU, Alaska - A bill that requires carbon monoxide detectors in residences throughout the state became effective in January.

HB 351, which became a law last summer, mandates homeowners with carbon-based fueled appliances or attached garages to install the devices.

Signed by Governor Frank Murkowski and sponsored by Palmer, Alaska, Rep. Carl Gatto, the law seeks to reduce accidental deaths caused by heaters in the home and emissions from car engines.

Jersey County, Ill., adopts NFPA 5000

QUINCY, Mass. - The National Fire Protection Association announced that Jersey County, Ill., has adopted its NFPA 5000, Building Construction and Safety Code.

As of the first of the year, builders will have to satisfy the requirements of the code for new residential construction throughout the county. The code sets forth standards for the design and construction of homes, including integrated building systems for health and safety.