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Saturday, February 1, 2003

NYC adopts NEC code

NEW YORK - New York City has adopted NFPA 70, the National Electric Code from the National Fire Protection Association, as the city’s new electrical code, with some localized amendments.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has also indicated he intends to update the city’s electrical code to the 2002 NEC edition next year, according to NFPA officials.

The NEC oversees low voltage systems, fiber optics, digital control systems and solar and fuel cell technology and is updated every three years. The code has been adopted in all 50 states.
NFSA elections held

PATTERSON, N.Y. - Officials from the National Fire Sprinkler Association announced in early January that vacancies in the NFSA board of directors had been filled.

Jeff Bennett of The McKinstry Company was re-elected in Area 11, Mark Tate of Northstar Fire Protection of Texas was elected in Area 7 and Richard Ackley of Dalmation Fire Inc. was chosen to represent Area 5. Their terms began in February.

Members of the board serve a three-year term. Six members represent the Sprinkler Manufacturers Council, thirteen represent the Contractors Council and one member stands in for the Suppliers and Manufacturers Council.
NFPA selects regional manager

QUINCY, Mass. - The National Fire Protection Association has named Robert Duval of Wauregan, Conn. as the New England regional manager, effective Jan. 1. Most recently, Duval was NFPA’s senior fire investigator and will continue on an as needed basis in that role.

Duval will be responsible for promoting and the adoption and use of NFPA’s codes, including the NFPA 5000 National Building Construction and Safety Code and will represent NFPA at code hearings, legislative sessions and organization meetings.