SSN Staff  - 
Friday, October 1, 2004

AlarmForce announces first U.S. office
TORONTO,Ontario - AlarmForce Industries, a manufacturer and installer of two-way voice alarm systems, has announced that it will open its first U.S.-based office in Charlotte, N.C.

The company’s U.S. headquarters is the first step in an expansion into the states. Company officials said the expansion will begin near the end of October.

AlarmForce announced its plans to cross over the Canadian border in July - backed with an investment of $3.25 million in Canadian funds, or $2.53 million in U.S. funds, through Acumen Capital Group. The company has 30 offices and 50,000 subscribers.
Home Tech to acquire Premier company
BELLEVUE, Wash. - Home Technologies, a home automation systems integrator, has signed a letter of intent to acquire Premier Technology Group, a custom electronics firm.

The acquisition will become the second Home Technologies has completed since July, when it acquired Digitech Home Systems. The deal will move the firm a step closer to developing its dealer network and expanding further into the northwestern United States.

Once the purchase is finalized, Bruce Moses, president and chief executive officer of Premier Technology, will move into the role of chief operating officer of Home Technologies.
Proposal may bring new investor
ST. AUGUSTIN, Quebec - Microtec Enterprises’ second quarter results announced a net loss of $532,000 and that an investor’s proposal is expected to be approved.

The company’s shareholders did not approve a $15.5-million equity offer presented to the company by a group of investors in the beginning of August. As part of the new proposal, the company is trying to negotiate an extension with its creditors until Oct. 29.

The company has been struggling through the first part of the year and industry insiders say it has been for sale for some time.