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Monday, March 1, 2004

Las Vegas adopts NFPA 1, UFC

LAS VEGAS - The city of Las Vegas has adopted NFPA 1, Uniform Fire Code, 2003 edition, as the model for the city’s fire code. The city’s fire and rescue officials completed amending the code to ensure that it meets the specific needs of Las Vegas in February.

NFPA 1, UFC is a key element of the Quincy, Mass.-based National Fire Protection Association’s Comprehensive Consensus Codes, an integrated set of ANSI-approved codes and standards.
Lack of sprinklers jeopardizes school’s occupancy permit

SPRING BRANCH, Texas - The city council has given the Spring Branch school district until the middle of March to install an automatic fire sprinkler system at one of its elementary schools, or it could face revocation of its temporary occupancy permit.

It appears that the district failed to install a sprinkler system during renovation and construction work at the Memorial Drive elementary school. Last year the school district’s board of trustees approved an additional $1.2 million for a sprinkler system.
Alarm confusion may lead to new regs

EDINA, Minn. - Following a fire alarm in a movie theater here that caused confusion among moviegoers, the Edina Fire Department is considering requiring large businesses to conduct quarterly evacuation drills with their employees and fire alarm systems, according to the Sun Newspapers.

Although there was no actual fire in the January incident, moviegoers were not sure how to respond to the alarm because there was no announcement. The theater did not have a public address system, which is something else the fire department would like to require businesses to have. The alarm was caused by a frozen sprinkler pipe that had burst.