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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

SIAC endorses enhanced call verification

NEW YORK - The Security Industry Alarm Coalition announced its endorsement of enhanced call verification at the ISC Expo East in November. At the same time, SIAC discussed the development of a new centralized national ordinance tracking database.

Enhanced call verification is a process that requires a monitoring station to contact its alarm user to confirm if an alarm warrants police dispatch. The policy does not advocate that panic, or other such alarms, be verified before dispatch.

Under the name of Ordinance Tracking Information System, or OTIS, the association intends to host a database that features alarm ordinances and alarm dispatch policies for Canada and the United States. OTIS is slated for launch during the first half of the year.
IASG posts third quarter results, sells $125M in senior notes

ALBANY, N.Y. - Integrated Alarm Services Group said it had $21.9 million in revenue during the third quarter, up from $19.5 million during the previous quarter and an increase of 125 percent over the same time period the previous year.

The company also announced it sold in a private placement $125 million of senior notes, due on November 15, 2011. Net proceeds of the financing was $121 million, after expenses.
SNDA endorses verified response

DAYTON, Ohio - The Sonitrol National Dealers Association unanimously adopted endorsed verified response in October.

Verified response is a procedure that has been adopted by some central stations and other security entities to reduce false dispatches. By implementing verified response, monitoring stations will confirm the existence of a break-in or fire before police or other emergency personnel are summoned.