Brivo adds hosted video

Friday, May 1, 2009

BETHESDA, Md.--In what it says is a first for the industry, Brivo has linked its hosted access control solution with a hosted video recording solution. Calling it an OVR (for online video recorder), the video service has been integrated into Brivo’s ACS WebService application, and requires a specific Axis IP camera with “phone-home” capability.

“We were willing to write our own firmware,” said Brivo president and CEO Steven van Till, “but the appeal of [the Axis] product that had done all the work already and kept us out of the manufacturing stream was tremendous. They had the right product for this kind of offering.”

Brivo admits this isn’t an enterprise solution, but van Till said he sees two major underserved markets where installers and integrators could find early acceptance with the OVR solution. “Small business is one,” he said. “Everybody says, ‘We can do 10,000 cameras,’ or, ‘We’re doing London.’ That’s where the sexiness is. No one’s out there promoting the recent coffee shop win.” Small businesses, van Till noted, are like residential accounts in some ways. “They don’t have a technology expert,” he said. “When their PC stops working, they’re screwed. When the cable modem stops working, they don’t even know to turn it off and back on again. They don’t want another box.”

The other underserved market, van Till said, is chain retail, where the companies are big but the individual locations are small: “Classic enterprise systems aren’t a good fit for that.”

The Brivo system, which works with one to four cameras, is a good fit where a customer just wants to watch the front door, back door, and the cash register. “As soon as we get into five cameras,” van Till said, Brivo can integrate with five DVR partners.

To accommodate the new influx of video, Brivo has added a third data center and picked up a new bandwidth provider.