Brown to stay the course at Infrastruct

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

HOUSTON, Texas--Former Infrastruct CEO and co-founder Dan Weiss may be gone from day-to-day operations here, but he's not forgotten.

"I was brought in by the board to realize the potential of Dan's brilliant strategic vision," said new CEO Jim Brown, without a hint of irony. "This is an organization that just needs to get out of its own way and execute. The strategy remains right on target: The critical infrastructure space calls for a one-stop-shop resource that can deliver consulting, design, project implementation, and maintenance. That was Dan's vision, it remains his vision, and now it's my vision."

With a mandate to improve the bottom line, Brown has a background of detail-oriented sales growth, starting with his time as an officer in the Coast Guard through work at GTE (now Verizon) and ACTCOM. He got a taste of integration and security with NetVersant in 2002 and dove more deeply into sound and video as president of South Central Sound, a Muzak franchise, in 2005, growing that from six full-time salespeople to 26 by 2007.

He said the key to such growth for Infrastruct lies in the little things. "I've often seen," he said, "that when people get excited about a vision or strategy that's as vibrant as this one, it's human nature to short change the necessary brick-and-mortar elements of putting together a superior customer service offering. You have to lay down the basic building blocks so that every time a customer approaches us they get the same experience. Then the brand can really take hold."

And Brown sees service revenue as key to Infrastruct's ongoing success. "I believe the entire market remains underserved with monthly recurring services that can be pre-designed," he said, "taking the worry and nuisance out of the customers' hands. We need to give them assurance that solutions will be there when they need them. I see the recurring amount growing naturally for us, getting a smoothing out of the cash flow, but we're not neglecting the project deployments. They drive the recurring revenue. And we need to prove ourselves with the management of the projects."