Byerly expounds on Sonitrol deal at ESX

SSN Staff  - 
Friday, August 1, 2008

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--In an interview at ESX, where he spoke as part of a panel discussion on getting young people into the security industry, Tony Byerly, chief operating officer at Stanley CSS, gave a few more details about Stanley’s plans for Sonitrol, though he couldn’t expound completely because of the deal’s impending close.

Why Sonitrol?

“We’re not shy to say that RMR is an important component to our business model ... [and] ... RMR is not just monitoring. We’ve done an incredible job of positioning ourselves in all services, whether it’s e-services, service plans, or preventative maintenance ... Sonitrol reports the highest RMR per account in the industry.”

Will Stanley keep the Sonitrol brand?

“The Sonitrol name is a very powerful and well-known and well-respected brand,” Byerly said. “We’re working on our strategy about how that ends up looking and feeling long term, with the franchise network and the Sonitrol product. The brand was an important aspect of the purchase.”

Will Stanley continue Sonitrol’s recent trend of buying up franchises?

“The important thing is to just create a win-win, for us and the franchises,” Byerly said. “We’re looking forward to having the franchise network. They’ve always been an important aspect of the Sonitrol brand.”