Bylaw drafted to combat false alarms in North Grenville

SSN Staff  - 
Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NORTH GRENVILLE, Ontario—A March 17 story from EMC News reports the town of North Grenville has followed up its recent false fire alarm ordinance with one aimed at false security alarms.

The fine schedule to be set by council would give residents a warning for the first false alarm, a $100 fine for the second, $200 for the third and $300 for subsequent charges. After one year, residents would start back at zero.

There was an appeals process outlined in the bylaw, according to the story. The fine will be waived if the alarm holder can prove the system was malfunctioning and that the alarm holder can prove in writing “significant corrective action was taken to repair or replace a faulty or inadequate alarm system,” states the bylaw.

Fees that aren’t paid within the allotted time will be included on the business’ or resident’s municipal taxes.