Cameras at NSS catch laptop thief

Saturday, November 1, 2003

WASHINGTON - Thanks to video cameras left recording at two exhibitor booths at the National Summit on Security, a Freeman Decorating employee was caught on tape stealing a pair of laptops from two exhibitor booths and the stolen items were recovered.

Video transmission company NVT caught one of the incidents on video the night prior to the show opening. Employees at NVT decided to leave the camera in their booth running after they set up their booth so the company would have video the next morning.

The next morning, employees heard that a laptop owned by an employee of neighboring exhibitor Stone Technologies was stolen shortly before 6 p.m.

“We said let’s see if we caught it,” said Dawn Nickelson, regional sales manager for New England for NVT. “We were able to find it on the tape in 30 seconds because we had an idea what time it was.”

An employee at Nitek, another video transmission company, also had his briefcase stolen from the company’s booth, but the incident happened in the morning of Oct. 1, prior to the show opening.

Chad Szeker, national sales manager for Nitek, said he left his company’s booth in the morning to get breakfast, only to find his briefcase, with a laptop and car keys inside, missing when he returned. A recording captured from a camera at Nitek’s booth showed the same woman taking the briefcase as the one who had taken the laptop the prior night.

Both Szeker and Ryan Delagrange, a software technician at Stone Technologies, had their laptops returned after video was turned over to show management and the suspect caught.

“Who would be stupid enough to steal something at a security show,” said Delagrange.

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