Cantronic gains public trading status

SSN Staff  - 
Friday, April 1, 2005

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Having completed the necessary qualifying transactions and filings, Cantronic Systems began trading on the TSX Venture Exchange on March 1, 2005. Cantronic Systems’ listing clarification is Security Technology and now trades under the symbol CTS (TSX-V:CTS).

According to James Zahn, president and chief executive officer of Cantronic Systems, the company has been in the active and passive CCTV infrared imaging and night vision camera market for more than eight years. Its products are used withing the security, medical and condition monitoring industries.

For example, its Fever Scan product screens individuals in public areas to detect elevated body temperatures to help in identifying SARS, while its Ultra-Long Range ThermalRanger 2000 series thermal-seeking passive infrared camera provides detection in total darkness. It can detect images up to 1,600 meters for humans, 2,400 meters for vehicles and 3,600 meters for ships.