Carter Bros. make commitment to industry at ESX

Friday, August 1, 2008

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Following his keynote address here at the inaugural Electronic Security Expo, Cris Carter opened the floor to questions, muffling any nascent applause. He had just completed a speech that spoke to the dedication and planning needed for success in both of his careers: that of NFL receiver, recently completed after 16 highly successful seasons; and that of security executive, a career on which he embarked in 2001, with the founding of Carter Brothers, the company he chairs with his brother John Carter serving as chief executive officer.

The first question, asking him how he transitioned to the business world after the NFL, he had no problem answering. For his second question, asking him how Carter Brothers would work to incorporate itself more into the security industry as a whole, Carter made sure to get his brother on stage. The two then stood together to say industry members would see a lot more of the company at industry events and in industry associations.

“We’ve sent our people before,” John Carter said. “Now, I think you’ll see more of us, and this is a good start.”

That earned the pair a sustained ovation.

“I stand up here a proud man,” Cris Carter told the crowd, “prouder than at any time I was in the NFL. This is my company, and this is Carter Brothers.”

Cris Carter outlined four goals for his $95 million company in 2008/2009: to increase profitability and strengthen the financial base; to establish clear competitive advantages in the marketplace; to utilize the Carter brand to partner with other large firms; and to attract people “who portray our values.” With this last goal, he offered the advice of a high school football coach: “It’s not the Xs and the Os that matter, it’s the Willies and the Joes.”